Laptop Gaming Dell Alienware M15 R2 UHD OLED i9-9980HK up to 5.0Ghz 16GB Nvidia RTX 2080 8GB 2x 512GB (Raid 0) SSD

14.980 00 Lei


14.980 00 Lei

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Laptop Gaming Dell Alienware M15 R2 UHD OLED i9-9980HK up to 5.0Ghz 16GB Nvidia RTX 2080 8GB 2x 512GB (Raid 0) SSD

14.980 00 Lei


Garantie inclusa: 12 Luni

Conditie: Open Box

Brand: Alienware

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  • Procesor i9 8-core new gen
  • Display 15-inch OLED 4K
  • video Nvidia RTX 8GB 
  • Ram 16GB
  • Stocare SSD in Raid 0
  • lumini LED Alienware FX
  • 6 faze de over-clocking


Producator Procesor Intel®
Tip procesor i9
Model procesor i9-9980HK
Arhitectura Coffee Lake
Cache 16 MB
Numar nuclee 8
Frecventa nominala 2.4 Ghz
Frecventa Turbo Boost 5.0 Ghz


Tip display OLED
Diagonala 15.6 inch
Rezolutie 3920 x 2160
Format display 4K UHD
Caracteristici speciale 60Hz, 1ms, 400-nits, DCI-P3, Eyesafe® Display Tech + Tobii Eyetracking


Capacitate memorie 16 GB
Tip memorie DDR4
Frecventa 2666 Mhz

Hard Disk

Tip stocare SSD (raid 0)
Capacitate stocare 1 TB total, 2x 512GB

Placa Video

Tip placa video Dedicata
Producator nVidia
Model RTX 2080 Max-Q Design 8GB DDR6
Capacitate 8 GB


HDMI 1x HDMI 2.0
Thunderbolt Da
USB Type-C Da
USB 3.1 Type A Da 2x SuperSpeed
Wireless Killer Networking E3000 2.5Gbps Ethernet NIC and Intel® 8265 WIFI
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0

Caracteristici generale

Tastatura iluminata Da, Alienware FX, antighosting
Culoare Lunar Light (ALB)
Tastatura QWERTY
Tastatura numerica Da
Sistem de operare Windows 10 Home
Garantie  12 luni tehnica valabila inclusiv la Dell

O noua legenda s-a nascut, M15 R2



Respectand reglementarile Nvidia si Intel, Alienware a creat software pentru Dinamic Overclocking precum si si 6 faze de voltage sau undervoltage CPU


Ultima tehnologie termala, Advanced Alienware Cryo-Tech v3.0, este pregatita sa reglementeze 6-faze CPU voltage si 8-faze GPU voltage , precum si  32% diameteru crescut in lamelele de ventilare la procesor CPU si 10% diametru crescut la GPU (video) pentru noul m17. 

Dual-intake, dual-exhaust airflow design

High voltage driving fan: rezistente la foc lamelele Kevlar-like liquid-crystal polymerau 3-faze fan control pentru a crea mai putina frictiune cu aerul si mai multa eficienta. Acum exista 86 unique fan blades pentru a raci CPU si GPU.

Load-balancing heat pipes: The dynamics of thermal activity across critical components like the GPU and the CPU are intelligently discharged across three 6mm diameter and one 8mm diameter copper-composite heat pipes. 

Dense copper fin stacks: The new generation copper finstack design provides more surface area for heat transfer to occur, improving its ability to expel heat and increase system performance.

Dynamic thermal control:  un built-in giroscop si accelerometeru poate detecta daca laptopul se tine pe masa, pe picioare sau in pat astfel in cat sa ajuteze temperatura pentu perfromanta optima


Noul Alienware m15 vine cu un display exceptional OLED  cu 1ms viteza de raspuns, 400-nits luminozitate si cele mai subtiri margini dintre toate  Alienware de 15" 

Low blue light technology: With the OLED UHD display panel comes with first-to-market Eyesafe® Display Technology that reduces harmful blue light rays without color distortion. This unique panel lowers the exposure to high-energy visible light to keep you deep in the game while maintaining incredible image quality.




Next-gen Tobii eye tracking adds a completely new form of immersion to your game. Smaller sensors with wake capabilities enable features and sensitivity to track head pose, presence, fine gaze and eye position.

Enhanced interactions: UI elements fade when not making eye contact so you can get deeper into the game. Characters know when you’re looking at them and will respond accordingly.

New tracking tools: Learn, train and improve using eye tracking-enabled tools designed to measure your mini map awareness and help you learn when to pay attention to the clock.

Software support: Show viewers where you’re looking while streaming your favorite game. Tobii Ghost software supports all major streaming platforms and software.

Twitch-ready: Toggle between visualizations like heatmaps, shadow, and spotlight using our extension. You no longer need to move your mouse to show viewers what you’re talking about, just glance at it.

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